Serve #11 – Sean M.


Serve #11

This installment of Serve is one that no amount of pre-planning could have initiated. You see, I met Sean M. while on a photo-shoot for a medical device company in Florida where he played the part of a healthcare professional. Sean is a Special Ops police officer in the Tampa, Florida area. The story of Sean’s “Serve” is 15 years in the making. The events of 9/11 were the force behind what moved Sean to go through training and become an officer. I think 9/11 affected most of us, but Sean was moved to be a positive influence in this world. He hopes to change the course of people’s lives whom he comes in contact with. As a police officer, he spoke of times when people are in the back of his car with no place to go and the peaceful lyrics of songs on the contemporary Christian radio permeating the squad car help calm the people who have done something wrong or illegal. Additionally, he went on to say that he feels his calling to be a policeman is a calling to change lives for the good.

When you look into Sean’s eyes you see that people’s lives really matter.


Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen
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  1. Nice job Shawn.

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