Cindy Martin’s Collaboration.


Here is the fourth collaboration.  I enjoyed creating this one with Cindy Martin a good friend and great creative.  Well enough of my words!  Take a look at what she wrote and get a glimpse of why she did what she did and what her company is about:

The dramatic tones of Tahitian Pearls are not just for the First Lady. Shawn and I teamed up to show sophisticated Tahitian Pearls for everyday work or play. When Shawn asked me to collaborate, I thought, “what can I ask him to shoot that would provide a contrast to his other collaborations, and maybe add a feminine touch?” Well, my love for jewelry spawned the idea to show the boardroom power of pearls combined with the elegance women desire. I really enjoyed this opportunity to photograph and design around such a beautiful and natural creation. Tahitian Pearls all have an iridescent sheen in colors of black, grey, green and other shades. They’re created by the black-lipped Pinctada margaritifera pearl oyster found throughout its native waters of French Polynesia. Finding that perfect outfit to show off a stunning piece of art was a hoot and I’m not really a shopper. Ask Shawn to share the whole collection of shots with you if you’d like to see more of his awesome model photography.

Cindy is a freelance graphic designer and co-owner of bSharp Creative who provide tangible communication solutions to businesses and agencies in graphic design, video production, web design & development and copywriting services.

Cindy M. Martin

office 763-428-3675
cell 763-234-3858
fax 763-428-5070


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