Serve #10 – His name is Gregg


Meet Gregg T. He’s a down-to-earth guy with a true heart for people. Gregg was recently brought in to serve as the Adult Minister at a church called NorthRidge Fellowship. In serving the families of this community, Gregg will have the opportunity to counsel those who have life struggles, as well as celebrate with those experiencing life’s joys. During my time photographing Gregg I asked him why he “Serves.” His answer was right to the point: “Each person needs to find God’s grace and discover what their role is in this world.”  Gregg’s answer I think points to a call that all we “humans” should have: to bring out the best in the people we come in contact with. Maybe we need walk alongside a person who is going through a drug or alcohol recovery, or stand with someone who’s in a life-battle with cancer. We never know how important that role could be or what impact we can have.

I’m excited to see what Gregg’s impact will be with the people at NorthRidge Fellowship whose lives he touches.
Shawn Nielsen



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