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The winter hue of blue.

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As the morning moves gracefully into middle day the long wintry shadows filled with blue hue give way to white.  Winter is a time for rest, a time to slow down and soak in the glow of the summer months memories.  Set now your course for the months ahead, the life you have created needs you.

Shawn Nielsen


The Christmas Smile!

Do you remember when with great anticipation you waited for Christmas morn with a huge smile stretched across your face.  You had your pastel blue or pink footy pajamas on with a stuffed animal friend in your arms.  Oh and your hands were trembling with excitement at what lay beneath the festively colored wrapping paper waiting to be opened.  You were full of wonder, and childlike innocence.

Cherish each moment this season.  Play like a kid.

Heck maybe even wear footy pajamas again!

Happy Holidays from Nielsen Photography

A man named Maynard.

I was given the privilege to photograph a man named Maynard.  This man has such depth of character, and a passion for life.  Even though life has dealt him a blow or two through his many years living and working in the lands near Glencoe, Minnesota, he chooses to laugh hard, and love life.  You can see it in the images.  I could most certainly hear it in his voice as he spoke. You know, I could actually feel it in his strong, age-sculpted hands as he gracefully shook my hand as we parted.  It was indeed an honor to meet Maynard.  Needless to say, I walked away changed, contemplating life, and knowing that I need to resist the temptation to grumble about the gray hairs that keep finding their way to my head!;-)

Laugh, Live & Love today!


Shawn Nielsen

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