American Faces – #15

AmericanFaces15bAmerican Faces – No. 15

Dimagio’s Pizza in Rogers, MN, is one of those small-town places that feels like it’s woven into the very fabric of the community. Dimagio’s sits on old Main Street, creating pizzas one at a time. Owner Shane Lane insists they still toss the pizza dough by hand and use only garden-fresh ingredients. He calls it, “making smiles by the slice.” Pizza maker, Christina B., was my willing subject on this visit, with a ready smile and practiced moves, deftly working and spinning the dough. It’s good to know people can still make a living creating our food by hand. So, if you’re hungry for pizza, call or drop in to your favorite local pizza place. Buy a slice or two, and keep the dough spinning, on your own Main Street, USA.



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