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A little dirt.



Often I find myself photographing a doctor or executive, a stalk or two of corn, a product for a local company, heck even a cow.  Today my camera was pointed towards a backhoe in a neighboring farmers field.  Sure, it’s a far cry from the close-up of a persons face forged by age and war  (, but still worthy of a photograph or three.  It was even worth adding a little grit to the image and show the incredible texture that dirt, steel and great light combine to show off.


I still thoroughly love to create images.  Even simple, naturally lit ones!


I’m Here #5. -The final installment-

Mr. Jaeger lived through something very few of us can imagine; a Kamikaze attack on the ship he was stationed: 
USS St. Lo (CVE-63) on 25 October, 1944.  That day’s Kamikaze attack included six planes, which Robert’s ship was able to shoot down five (Robert was a gunner aboard his ship).  But it was the 6th that ultimately led to the sinking of the ship.  The battle toll was as followed:  889 men aboard, 113 were killed or missing, and approximately 30 others died of their wounds. 

As I was wrapping up my shoot of this man from “The Greatest Generation” I asked him the question, “Why are you here?”  To which he said, I am here because of the brave men he fought along side.”
Thank you Robert for your service, and for your willingness to lay down your life for your fellow man so many years ago.

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