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15 Faces #8-11

Well my great plan was to shoot another animal for this next installment of “15 Faces”. I did, the dog’s name is Rocket. He is a service dog for Sam & Tracy. The original connection with Sam & Tracy was provided by Helping Paws of Minnesota  As I have created images for this series I have forced myself to get out of my commercial photography zone and tell a deeper story of those around me. This story made me do just that. I had to take a few moments to relax and pet Rocket, who was grinning at me with his big teeth.  As I moved to a place to sit down and hear Tracy talk about him, I was told I could pet Rocket, as he was off duty (take note of the badge that is on his vest).  Tracy told me what a dog like Rocket means to her and Sam, and  I saw that Rocket truly has a special place in their home. Yes, Rocket is a service dog (as the vest shows), but he is also a helper in the home, a listener for the follies of Sam and Tracy’s two year old daughter named Taylor, and he is also the proverbial “best friend”.  All I can say is Rocket, you are one cool dog. But my story couldn’t end with Rocket, it had to continue with Sam & Tracy.

Sam and Tracy are people with a disability, where wheel chairs are a regular part of their lives, but that does not impede an active lifestyle. Both Sam and Tracy work for the Three Rivers Park District in the Minneapolis, MN area and are teaching adaptive programs, as well as programs for people who do not have a physical disability. They are also active marathoners, triathletes, bikers, and canoers. These wonderful people pour so much back into the world. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet them, and  to take photos that give a glimpse into their lives. The more I look at the photos the less I see of the wheelchairs. Sam and Tracy are remarkable people, which is the very reason that “15 Faces”  8 became 8-11. The photos are in a slideshow because I could not edit them down to just a few. So take a break and enjoy.

(DSL friends you may have to pause the movie to allow it to load for a few moments)

In closing, I want to say that life brings us many challenges. Care for those around you, by smiling at them, saying an encouraging word, or  giving an extra tip to the waitress.  It might just change a life (yours).


15 Faces #7

15 Faces #7

15 Faces #7

This entry (15 Faces #7) is a little more fuzzy than my previous posts. Fuzzy, in the sense that it has a fuzzy goat as the subject. Why a goat? The most obvious answer is that it’s pretty hard to pass up — I have a bunch of them running around my hobby farm, and I love agriculture. But in a deeper sense, these animals mean a lot to my family. It has a lot to do with my kids. The goats provide an entry into the world of agriculture and farming where caring for animals requires kids to learn work ethic, cooperation and personal responsibility. I’ve watched as beads of sweat gather on the brow of a pretty teenage girl, as she shovels manure. I’ve seen a 6-year-old boy struggle to lift a bale of hay equal to his own weight. My children get to experience the joy of winning and the lessons of losing at a 4H goat show. All-in-all, as they learn to love a little fuzzy-faced goat, they’re learning a whole lot about life.

To see a little more of my agricultural side take a look at this site:

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