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Serve #9 – A young man’s vision.


Serve #9

Theo M. is an honorable young man full of ambition, with a desire and calling to change the political tide. He’s a wonderful example for a “Serve.” I have watched Theo grow from a boy into the 17 year old clear-thinking, focused, intelligent, politically conservative individual he is. Don’t let the last words stop you from reading on, because I think you will see merit in his view, and understand that he may well be someone to watch as the years go on. When I asked him a few questions it was easy to see from his excitement that his compassion for people and their needs is at the very forefront of his thoughts and desires for what his future might hold. So often, we draw a line regarding what political party we tend to align with, but it seems as though Theo desires to create change in people, not just provide more political tape to cut through.

This is a quote from Theo when asked about why he serves:

“As a Christian conservative I feel called to be compassionate and sensible. My interest in politics is driven by those values. Christ offered mercy and grace yet held us accountable. The liberal big government programs have created a cycle of poverty and a lack of adequate education, which in turn leads to generations of families being stuck in social malaise. As a compassionate conservative, I know showing mercy, grace and generosity on a personal level helps others. I know that teaching the impoverished REAL hope through accountability and conservative work ethic, while serving their true needs through personal service will give the hand up needed to introduce those in need to a thriving, successful life. It’s my goal to pursue my passion for helping through a career in economics and politics that focuses on developing conservative values in policies and programming.”

I consider it an honor to know Theo. It is refreshing to know that the youth of today like Theo have heartfelt desire for the tomorrows.


Shawn Nielsen


Serve #8 – A dog’s life.



As I thought about it, a dog seemed like a likely subject for this series. I considered shooting a service dog, or a police dog; that seemed too predictable. I thought about a livestock guardian dog, but I may have been torn to shreds for coming anywhere near its flock or herd. Instead, I chose the family dog. Let me introduce our dog Pippa. She is a 2 year old English Shepherd ( She is wonderfully intelligent and makes eye contact, seemingly to understand what I want her to do next. She uses her delightfully wet nose to thrust my arm into action to giver her a pet on the head, or a rubdown of her orange and white coat. My family and I enjoy this breed immensely for their loyalty and smarts.

So on with the Why!

So why did I choose the family dog? I chose this particular subject because there is a special place in many of our hearts for dogs. As you read this I ask you to take a moment or two and think back through your years and let the memories of all the furry dogs who have walked in or out of your life wash over you . Oh, I’ m sure sometime in your life you have shared a secret or two with a dog while out on a walk, or maybe you have frolicked through the woods being pulled in the direction of a bushy-tailed squirrel or a fleeing rabbit. Or maybe you have gently run your hand over the hairy coat of your dog as you were going through hard times. You see, truthfully, a family dog looks at you as his best friend (I know it’s the other way around in most writings). A dog wants to go out and play, maybe go for a walk, heck he just wants to spend time with you.

Our lives are often made better by a faithful dog. I really think we have so much to learn from a dog in terms of how we should live life;  Be loyal, quick to forgive and ready to play!


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