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Artistic wooden boats…

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Mid June for the Nielsens meant a vacation on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Taking in sites from Beaver Bay all the way to Grand Portage.  The coastal waters of the “Norwegian Riviera” are simply breath taking (which you will see next week).  Out trip took us to the awesome town of Grand Marais.  Home to Sven and Ole’s,  the best skippin’ rocks anywhere, and last but not least a Wooden Boat Festival at the edge of town.  These boats are works of art.  Made by craftsman employing techniques, rarely used, to form wooden marvels.  The images I created show the true warmth of the wood, and detailed craftsmanship. Even a birch bark canoe was displayed, made to the specs of the local Native American culture.  All in all our trip was fantastically filled with family time and memories.

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