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How precious is LIFE!

The hands of a little tiny baby not weighing more than two pounds wraps around the index finger of a parent.  Each breath helped along a little to make it to the next until it can happen all on it’s own at just the right time…

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I was given the opportunity last week to be a part of a shoot for a Neonatal intensive care unit.  There I saw how the littlest ones born often long before their due dates are cared for and loved by family and healthcare professionals. At each individual shot I found my self intensely touched to see these precious little ones and be a a part of their lives for a brief moment.

Remember how precious our very breath is today!

Shawn Nielsen


Summer…A time of vacations.

The summer has already been a blur.  NPI has been busy, with little time to enter things into the blog. This entry is filled with shots from a recent vacation to the awesome land that is within the boundaries of Wyoming.  These are scenic shots taken while in the Tetons, Yellowstone and the Bighorn Mountains.  We took 11 days to see the countryside with our good friends the Whitmans (Scott is my business partner with  All totaled we had two cars 10 people and 3000+ miles.  Enjoy!

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