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Serve #31 a&b – Kit and Teewon


Serve31aV.1Serve 31a – Kit (with Kelly on the left)


Serve31bV.1Serve 31b – Teewon

Sometimes when you journey through life you have the opportunity to meet people who embody the word compassion. But that word alone can’t describe the full personalities of Teewon and Kit of Living Well Disability Services. The deeply caring hearts of these two people is clear as they speak about the people that they support – individuals with intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities. Many of the people that Teewon and Kit support are not able to speak, walk, or take on daily tasks like eating without assistance. Yet day in and day out Teewon and Kit care for their most basic human needs with a gentle heart, a lending hand and encouraging words. When I spoke to these two incredible individuals their stories seemed inextricably linked. I knew that these two were really part of one Serve. Maybe because so much of what drives both of them creates one interwoven story. They each said something that really blew me away. Teewon said that he cares for the people because he feels called to be a “voice to the voiceless.”  Kit said that she believes she does this out of a firm belief that there really is no greater gift than to serve one another. As they shared their hearts and a few stories they smiled as they spoke of the people that they get to help walk through life. Teewon and Kit help give dignity and steadfast support to those that they care for.

I encourage each of you who reads this to say thank you to people like Kit and Teewon who serve others.


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