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A girl, a goat and a 4H Goat Show Grand Champion = “Serve” #5

I suppose you could say this post has been 19 years in the making, well maybe more like 11.  It would be 19 years if you take into account my daughters age, or 11 if you take into account the age of the goat (Tempest).

“Tempest” the Alpine dairy goat is my subject for my “Serve” series.  How can a goat be a part of the series you may ask?  Well read on!

Abigail’s senior portrait.

Serve #5

Grand Champion.

The tears you see in one of the photos are of the emotions that most college bound youths have.  Some just wear them on their sleeve a little more like my Abigail.  This “Serve”story goes back 10 years to when Abigail began to show “Tempest” as a yearling at the Wright County Fair 4H Dairy Goat show.  Surely on Abigail”s first entrance into the ring with Tempest she  strided into the ring in her “show whites” ready to take the show ring by storm like any 9 year old would.  I don’t remember the outcome of the first show, but really it is this last one that sums it all up.  The years  since that first show have passed by all to quickly and both Abigail and Tempest have aged.  They have been to 10 county and state fairs together.  Shared countless hours together with Abigail telling Tempest all her dreams for her future.  There is a special bond between this goat and my daughter Abigail.  So those tears come with a great finish in the show ring for Abigail and Tempest and the fact that this is Abigail’s last 4H show with Tempest. So Tempest has served Abigail well as friend, fairgoer and listener.

Thank you to my wife Cristine for bringing our children up in this rural lifestyle.  Thank you to Anna for paving the way for Abigail with your awesome goat “Crystal”.

Written with Love,

Dad & Photographer

The senior portrait of my daughter was taken at a moment when the goats ears were up and I told Abigail to do the same.

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