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Facebook Challenge #3

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The challenge given by Chad Libby took me to Victory Riders in Rogers, MN.  Victory Riders is a stable that specializes in physical therapy through the use of horses.  While I was there I saw the tender moments where trainer/therapists would work with the rider to bring out the best in each person.  I was truly touched as I watched Peyton (one of my lovely models) get a sticker and have a Scripture verse recited to her telling her who she is in the sight of her Creator. Peyton and her friend Allison end the session holding hands walking towards the loving arms of their mothers. This is one of those shoots that I come away changed from.

Looking forward to the next challenge…Keep the coming!


Facebook Challenge #2

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Well I took on Facebook Challenge #2 today.  Pete Anderson creator of PBA Pottery was the challenger.  His creations are cool.  Done with old letter press type.  I chose to use available light to showcase these awesome works of art.  I have made both a slideshow and a video of the images.  Enjoy whichever one moves you!

P.S.  Give me another challenge…

Facebook challenge #1

Last night on Facebook I challenged people to come up with ideas for me to shoot.  The first challenge was from Fred Mades.  Fred  challenged me to photograph an ant.  Not being able to shoot something that small, I chose something of equal pestiness,  a fly. Well enjoy none-the-less.  Keep the ideas coming.  I will try to do them as schedule permits.

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Of boyhood dreams and play

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph little boys playing in different roles such as the armed forces, cowboys, fly-fisherman, civil war veterans, and just good ole kids playing with scooters built out of peach boxes.  This I would have to say ranks as one of my all time favorite projects.  I was able to play too, heck I even sang to get the boys going (yes I sing as well).  This project was photographed for a friend of mine starting a new company called “JM Cremps”.  The primary focus of this company will be on the young, crazy boys of our world who need to dream, get out and move and put down the electronics and go conquer a hill somewhere.  To this end enjoy, and YeeHaw!

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