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A motorcycle, cow skull, and a gun.

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I reckon it is unlikely that these (see title of post) three things would go together.  But that is just how they co-exist in the mind of Matt Schnell from  Matt Schnell design .  It never ceases to amaze me what is crafted by the crazy hands of Matt.  He is talented in the world of graphic design as well as the world of cool curiousities for restaurants, businesses, and many other scenarios probably yet to be filled.

The location in Matt’s mind for this cool motorcycle was someplace that had a rustic windblown prairie feel it.  I think we found that within a tight 2 mile radius of my studio.  We got some cool angles, had a laugh or ten and came away with some images that tell a story!

In the near future you will see some huge changes from me…be on the lookout!

Best wishes on your day,

Shawn Nielsen

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