Serve #25 – Kevin & Natasha L.



I have tried to figure out how to best write this Serve and I must say that I have been totally stumped. The reason, I think, is I did not want to point out the difficulties that are found on the Nett Lake Ojibwe Reservation, near Nett Lake, MN. As I thought about it more, I realized that nowhere in the world is there a people group without difficulties. So without dwelling on the difficulties, I choose to dwell on the hope and light Kevin and Natasha Land along with three children bring to the people of Nett Lake. I met the Lands in 2016 while on a mission trip with my church NorthRidge Fellowship. I was blown away by how they live out being a light and hope for the men, women, and children of Nett Lake on a day to day basis as they live and make their home on the reservation and serve in the local church. The story does not stop there; Kevin and Natasha are bus drivers if needed, life counselors, Vacation Bible School teachers, worship leaders, but more than that they are friends to the Nett Lake Ojibwe. As I spent time with Kevin and Natasha I knew they were woven into the lives of the people by how they spoke of the community. The love for the people of Nett Lake is in the DNA of this wonderful couple and their children; it is seen in their actions, and heard their words. Kevin and Natasha are people to admire for their dedication and ministry approach to the Ojibwe/native culture.

When I meet people like the Lands I am humbled. Not humbled by their greatness, but humbled by their humbleness and their willingness to serve out of a free flowing heart.

May we all add a more hope and a more light to this world which needs it! Thank you Kevin and Natasha.


Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen

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