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Serve #7

Serve #7



A dreary November day and a desire for a tasty hamburger brought me through the door of Lindas’ Cafe in Rogers, MN. This “old style” cafe tucked into a mall on the western side of Highway 101 in Rogers, MN is a delightful spot. You will often find one of the two Lindas (the namesakes for the restaurant) working there along with some of their family members. Every time I have been there in the past 9 years, since it first opened, I have always felt welcome. This day was no different. Linda greeted me with a smile and the words, “What can I get for you dear?” It is that kind of greeting that opens the door to people feeling welcome, maybe even feeling a little relief from what wears on their life that day. Linda shared that some of her customers are up there in years and sometimes their health, or their friends health is suffering. She feels her smile and term of affection might just change the day for someone. I imagine whether old or young, Lindas’ well served customers’ life stories and what they are struggling with are changed for a moment or two or maybe even for a long time as they sit at one of the tables in her cozy cafe.

Remember to give a tip to your server, they might just make someone’s day a little brighter. Maybe even yours!

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