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Serve #1

This is the official, inaugural image, the launch of a new series. “Serve” will be a series about people across many stations in life, jobs, roles, races, and ages. Most of all I want my camera to take me out of my comfort zone once again, much like what my “15 Faces” series did. The road will once again create a hum in my ears, and the light that sets upon the subjects I photograph will tell a story that was started before I ever arrived. I desire to show that humanity still has a heart to serve.

Serve #1

Serve 1

Teri M. is a dear friend and the family pastor at NorthRidge Fellowship in Rogers, Minnesota. She has an electric smile and a pure heart for bringing the gospel alive for children and their families. She and Ben (her husband and lead Pastor) have been a key part of my family’s life over the past nine years. Teri serves with joy, with purpose, and with conviction. She has taught me what it is to serve, which is why I start this series with her smile.

I ask one thing of you, the viewer of this series, help me find those who serve. Let the bartenders, policeman, musicians, waitresses/waiters, mechanics, etc, come to the forefront of your mind. If you want to help write the story, sharpen your pencil, or prep your fingers and come on the journey with me.

Live for the Tomorrows!

Best wishes,

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A big “Thank You” to Gearbox Functional Creative Inc for designing the “Serve” template.

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