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Serve #30 – Eric S.

Serve30V.1 Serve #30

This “Serve” started with Eric S. of Rachel Contracting driving up in a large bulldozer at a Minneapolis, Minnesota construction site. Needless to say my inner child was enthralled at the site of a massive, metal earth mover that was closing in on the site of the photoshoot. Eric’s story was no less awesome than the bulldozer. Eric served in the Army National Guard as a heavy equipment operator in both Bosnia and Afghanistan where he helped to rebuild roads and explode ordinances and/or IEDs (improvised explosive devices) in previously war torn areas. Out of Eric’s desire to serve, he found a sense of belonging which helped to define his reason for serving which was, as he said, ”to bring freedom to others. ”Eric’s military service helped to bring safety to communities where burried explosives might take the lives of loved ones. He also built roads to safely move troops into areas that were potentially unreachable. Those very roads are now used by communities full of people whose lives continue to be positively impacted by Eric and many other military personnel.

The leadership qualities that Eric learned are what helps him in his job for Rachel Contracting; he enjoys mentoring others and doing an honest days work. Eric is worthy of honor for his service to others around this globe. I was blessed to shake his hand and say “thank you” for your service, as we closed our time.

When men and women just like Eric engage in the act of service such as this, you get a glimpse into what valor really means

Thank you Eric!

Best wishes,

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