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NPI creates images for the Park Nicollet 2011 “I Have” Giving Campaign.

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Recently I had the opportunity to create images for Park Nicollet’s 2011 Giving campaign.  These images as I learned were to be black and white in their final use.  To me that was extremely exciting.  I feel that when people can be photographed in black and white it really creates a scenario where the eyes and the inner beauty of a person can shine through.  In a way, I feel like you connect one on one with the subject.  To conclude this blog entry I just want to say that I always look forward to working with the high level creatives at Park Nicollet.  Thank you Sarah for this opportunity!



iToad App. is created.

In response to demand for bug-defeating software apps that meet increasingly high standards for green technology, we proudly announce the launch of the fully mobile, bio-fuel iToad. This organic app is easy to install on your computer or smartphone (just plop him on there) and takes up absolutely no memory (has a brain the size of a pea). The fully automated app actively seeks and destroys bugs (up to 1000 per day). The app is equally effective against worms, but has been found to carry its own viruses.

*Note: Processing bio by-products may be used for medicinal purposes in some Asian markets.

**Users rate this app: sticky, slimy, bumpy, sometimes smelly.


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