Monthly Archives: November 2012

A Mother’s love!

Yep, I put an exclamation point in the title.  This one deserves it.  A recent shoot for me had two beautiful subjects.  One was a beautiful young mother; the other a little girl recovering from Leukemia.  I can truly say I was moved to tears to see the love between the two as I took several photos of the two of them in the girls pastel yellow bedroom.  To add even more emotion to the situation, I was given a hug by the little girl as I packed up my equipment.   We may not have been able to exchange many words, but that hug spoke louder than words ever could.

Whoa is about the only word I can come up with to describe what being a part of this shoot was like.
Of course there is a tear or two with that, whoa;-)

Man, I love being a part of Telling a Story…

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