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15 Faces 3 & 4

15 Faces 3 and 4

Even though my goal for this blog series was to find 15 faces and to tell 15 idividual stories, this entry does not allow that.  Fred and Karen shared one story on this morning in Walker, Minnesota.  I will consider them entry 3 and 4 because sometimes there are faces that just belong together.  This story may best be told by my wife as she saw it unfold.

A few day s ago Shawn and I got away from the usual hustle and bustle of life. Often, when we go away we like to find the little café in town and have breakfast. Shawn was recalling a “greasy spoon” in Walker, Minnesota that had just the right atmosphere. So, off we went for pancakes, eggs, sausage and coffee for breakfast. As is typical, Shawn had his camera with him. Actually, he was hoping to find just the right local character in this quaint café to add to his 15 Faces series. When we entered, Shawn was immediately disappointed. It was not as quaint as he remembered. The walls had been “updated”, maybe in the 80’s. Oh well, maybe somewhere else in town he would find his next face. As we were finishing our breakfast, we overheard the waitress approach the patrons sitting in the both behind Shawn. She quietly asked them if they would pray for her step daughter who is struggling with drugs and single parenting. At that moment, Shawn new he had his next faces for this series. As far as we could tell, the folks dining did not know the waitress; they are from out of town. She had observed them doing a Bible study and took the step to ask for prayer

While it was awkward for Shawn  to interrupt Fred & Karen’s Bible study to take a few photos, he was honored to  capture this seasoned couple and the warmth they shared  that made the photos come alive.  He shared with me that he felt for a moment that his talents were second to the greatness of these people.  The study was named Grace by Max Lucado, and the excerpt Fred shared with Shawn  was about grace and the fact that every one of us needs it.

There are a few lessons to learn from this story.  One, do not judge a café by the color of its walls.  Stories are told no matter when the paint was “updated” .  Two,  be brave and ask for prayer.  Three, take the time to find to the stories all around you.

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