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Serve #21 -Emerge Mothers Academy

This is my first collaboration combining video and stills in the “Serve” series.  It was an honor to team up and tell this story alongside Josh and Anna Cisewski.  Take a few moments to watch the video and read the story.  It might just change the day for you.

Serve #21

Guest post written by Anna Cisewski

Since its conception, Emerge Mothers Academy has changed the lives of over 120 single mothers and their children. By providing much-needed classes and life-changing community, Emerge is able to partner with single mothers and equip them to be confident women for their children and communities.



Becca Erickson founded Emerge with her mom, who was also a single mother. She saw a need for an organization like Emerge after her husband left her shortly after their baby was born. Suddenly alone and with very few resources and little support, Becca knew she couldn’t do it on her own. Looking back, she wishes she would have had access to the kind of support Emerge provides.




Dre Barthel and Becca met at the church they attend, Open Door. They connected and Dre learned more about Emerge; she knew she wanted to be a part of the organization.



Becca says that Dre helped open up a new facet of the organization and is able to reach people through different avenues and mediums.

The lives of hundreds of women are being changed because of the vision and passion of Becca and Dre. They serve because they see how important the strength and confidence of a mother is and they want to stand beside those women and show them what a strong mother is.

It only takes a small bit of your love and passion to change the whole world of another person. Where can you share yourself?

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