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Serve #8 – A dog’s life.



As I thought about it, a dog seemed like a likely subject for this series. I considered shooting a service dog, or a police dog; that seemed too predictable. I thought about a livestock guardian dog, but I may have been torn to shreds for coming anywhere near its flock or herd. Instead, I chose the family dog. Let me introduce our dog Pippa. She is a 2 year old English Shepherd ( She is wonderfully intelligent and makes eye contact, seemingly to understand what I want her to do next. She uses her delightfully wet nose to thrust my arm into action to giver her a pet on the head, or a rubdown of her orange and white coat. My family and I enjoy this breed immensely for their loyalty and smarts.

So on with the Why!

So why did I choose the family dog? I chose this particular subject because there is a special place in many of our hearts for dogs. As you read this I ask you to take a moment or two and think back through your years and let the memories of all the furry dogs who have walked in or out of your life wash over you . Oh, I’ m sure sometime in your life you have shared a secret or two with a dog while out on a walk, or maybe you have frolicked through the woods being pulled in the direction of a bushy-tailed squirrel or a fleeing rabbit. Or maybe you have gently run your hand over the hairy coat of your dog as you were going through hard times. You see, truthfully, a family dog looks at you as his best friend (I know it’s the other way around in most writings). A dog wants to go out and play, maybe go for a walk, heck he just wants to spend time with you.

Our lives are often made better by a faithful dog. I really think we have so much to learn from a dog in terms of how we should live life;  Be loyal, quick to forgive and ready to play!


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