Serve #23 – Landon L.

serve23_finalServe #23

Serve #23 is about a young man named Landon. I’ve known Landon since he was an eight years old and now he’s the ripe old age of seventeen (almost 18). He was a regular cast member along with my daughter, of a local musical theater group, Front Porch Musical Theater. Landon always been a wonderfully polite young man with a chivalrous demeanor; qualities I don’t see often in today’s youth. My story isn’t about that though. It is about his decision to become a part of the Army National Guard, for which he currently holds the rank of Private E2. He is making this decision to prove to himself what he is made of as well as to have the opportunity to figure out how he is supposed to impact the world. Once Landon finishes basic training and additional educational requirements he desires to gain employment in the law enforcement field at the local level, transitioning to a higher government and/or intelligence level, continuing to serve throughout his life.

As we spoke he shared that he also wants to be a role model for others. If a seventeen year old musical theater student can join the army, so can they. He added that whether or not you are joining the ranks of the armed forces or not, there is not a valid excuse for not going after something. His words were, “You are what you allow yourself to be”. Landon also inserted one last encouragement by saying “People need to know that they must work hard for their future”.

Landon I salute your service and am very excited to see what he future holds for you.  May we all follow your lead!


Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen

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