Serve #22 – Tracey T. the Encourager.

serve22_finalServe #22

I met Tracey Tischler just under a decade ago when I needed a makeup stylist for a high level executive photoshoot.  My original stylist who was booked backed out the day of the shoot with no warning.  Tracey stepped right into the role that morning like we had worked together for many years.  Needless to say I was impressed by her ability to mold into any situation, and talk to anyone no matter their status or job role.  She has a great rapport with nearly all of humanity (I think even if they spoke another language she would still make them feel comfortable).  I think what has brought me to write this “Serve” about Tracey is her ability to talk to anyone, better said her ability to be an encourager.  I have seen her encouragement played out as she gracefully applies makeup to a mother and daughter preparing them for a photoshoot.  The amazing part was watching Tracey apply her art to a little girl who was fighting a battle against Leukemia as well navigating life with the struggles of being a child with Down’s Syndrome.  Tracey gave time to the pair as well as loving words of encouragement.  To Tracey this mom and daughter were royalty, and it was her role, maybe even her honor to care for them.  Tracey much like all of us has a story that defines who she is, but that story does not hinder what she has to offer the world; ENCOURAGEMENT!


I think a lesson we can glean from Tracey is to be a person of encouragement to a world that desperately needs some.



Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen

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  1. Amen!

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