Serve #14 – Crystal & Anna.




Serve #14

Serve #14 is about another goat. This one’s name is Crystal, and she’s the 11 year-old goat my oldest daughter, Anna Rose, raised and worked with throughout her 4H years. This pair made many trips to the Wright County fair, in Howard Lake, MN – nine to be exact. Crystal competed eleven times at the Minnesota State fair in 4H (6), or open class dairy goat shows. I’ve watched my daughter wear her whites and proudly show this regal old doe with determination (when she won senior showmanship), but also with a grace that has grown through the years as she’s become a woman ready to take on the world. The animals young people show, and grow up with, are true gifts in life. They are a means to help young people look beyond themselves, to care for something else. Each turning page in life means something new is around the corner. The next page for Anna is a wedding ceremony set for May 21st.  It’s a big day for all of us. The changes ahead are many, and yet to be written. The memories of watching Crystal and Anna grow together are cherished entries into the journal of life. When I asked Anna what Crystal meant to her at the end of our time taking the photos, she said with flowing tears, “Crystal is all of the memories and adventures at the fairs, it’s all been her.”


I am blessed to call this young woman my daughter, and am excited to see how she and her husband will change this world.


Best wishes,

Shawn Nielsen
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  1. Randy Hatanpa

    Love these stories and photos. Keep them coming Shawn.


    Beautiful photo, touching story, Beautiful Granddaughter, and not because I’m partial.
    It’s not easy to cope with certain things that seem to come to a end as we get older. That is a great picture of you and Crystal to cherish through the years..

  3. Congratulations, Shawn and family.

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