15 Faces #7

15 Faces #7

15 Faces #7

This entry (15 Faces #7) is a little more fuzzy than my previous posts. Fuzzy, in the sense that it has a fuzzy goat as the subject. Why a goat? The most obvious answer is that it’s pretty hard to pass up — I have a bunch of them running around my hobby farm, and I love agriculture. But in a deeper sense, these animals mean a lot to my family. It has a lot to do with my kids. The goats provide an entry into the world of agriculture and farming where caring for animals requires kids to learn work ethic, cooperation and personal responsibility. I’ve watched as beads of sweat gather on the brow of a pretty teenage girl, as she shovels manure. I’ve seen a 6-year-old boy struggle to lift a bale of hay equal to his own weight. My children get to experience the joy of winning and the lessons of losing at a 4H goat show. All-in-all, as they learn to love a little fuzzy-faced goat, they’re learning a whole lot about life.

To see a little more of my agricultural side take a look at this site: http://agrilifestudios.com/


About Shawn Nielsen

Commercial Photographer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. My studio is a building that I built on my 7.5 acre hobby farm and is wonderfully surrounded by country that is full of crops, trees, goats, etc.

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  1. Sarah,

    Thanks for the compliment. You will have to come see the baby goats again this spring!

  2. I love the goat! This whole series is great- loved the bell ringer, too.

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