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Two recent shoots for the University of Minnesota touched me.  Actually they made me tear up!  You hear the stories that these young people have endured with the medical battles they have fought, and you are moved to tears.  You realize as a photographer that you are being included into their lives to record a moment (whether healthy or not) of their history.  To me that is a gift!  One that I accept with great honor and a humble heart.  I love being able to use my camera to Tell a Story!


Shawn Nielsen


About Shawn Nielsen

Commercial Photographer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. My studio is a building that I built on my 7.5 acre hobby farm and is wonderfully surrounded by country that is full of crops, trees, goats, etc.

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  1. That is most certainly true sir. A persons life is a treasure to be allowed to be a part of, even for a brief moment in time.

  2. J. Kevin Tugman

    There are some projects that show you the impact you can make in telling someone’s story. A wonderful thing.

  3. Thanks for the compliments ladies!

  4. So touching! I’m sure you’ll never forget this rewarding experience. You captured these moments beautifully.

  5. Beautiful stories, people and photos!

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