Ode to the boy!

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The joyous adventures of a boy!

Not too long ago I had the grand opportunity to create some images for an awesome company called http://www.jmcremps.com/  .  I have to say it is one of my favorite projects I get the opportunity to work on.  I got to think like a kid, act like a kid, and play with the kids.  Oh wait I do that anyway!  These images were created under the great direction of Matt Schnell of http://redbarncreations.com/ .

Enjoy the slideshow, give some comments, and check Matt out (his website) when you get a chance!

Best wishes on your day,

Shawn Nielsen


About Shawn Nielsen

Commercial Photographer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. My studio is a building that I built on my 7.5 acre hobby farm and is wonderfully surrounded by country that is full of crops, trees, goats, etc.

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  1. great pictures! sounds like a very fun project

  2. Great shots Shawn. How come you didn’t hire me as a model. I’m still a kid.

  3. Theresa Whiteford

    Love these pictures!! So fun!!

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