The third “Creative Collaboration” created by Beth Seitzberg.

Here is the third “Creative Collaboration” .  This Collaboration’s final touches were done by Beth Seitzberg.  She’s a great talent and an asset to our creative world.  Well without further adieu,  here is the background to her creation, and a little about Beth:

This collaboration came as a rare opportunity to do a project not driven by client brand standards or target audience requirements or any of that stuff we all deal with everyday. I have always been interested in the place where art meets intellectualism and the need to reconcile these sometimes opposing points of view in order to do the job of a designer. In talking to Shawn we further developed the idea of two opposing (and equally flawed) voices influencing each project, a bit like a Jekyll and Hyde situation, one saying “I hate everything, it’s not good enough,” the other saying “It’s perfect, I’m a genius”. Exploring the idea that we need to focus both of those extremes to create work that is meaningful and coherent is where the collaboration finally ended up.


Beths Blurb:

Beth has spent the last 13 years working as an electronic production artist, designer and art director and is currently working her favorite job ever as art director at d.trio marketing group.

d.trio is a full-service marketing agency which provides creative, strategic, data, and program analysis services for multiple media, as well as extensive print and lettershop management services. We understand that your success is our success. We think before we act and listen before we speak. We chase great ideas and find fitting solutions. We take our work personally and commit to do right by the client, all the time, every time.



About Shawn Nielsen

Commercial Photographer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. My studio is a building that I built on my 7.5 acre hobby farm and is wonderfully surrounded by country that is full of crops, trees, goats, etc.

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  1. REALLY like this one!

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